Chris + Jessica [Married] Palm Event Center in the Vineyard // Pleasanton Wedding Photographer

Chris and Jessica spent the better part of a year planning their nuptials at the ever beautiful Palm Event Center in Pleasanton. Peach and mint, classic beauty with a touch of vintage – their day was breathtaking.

Take a look…

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Jessica and Chris got ready separately. She and the girl’s retreated to a hotel suite, while the boy’s met up at Chris’ house.  The girl’s sipped champagne, the boy’s drank beers. Laughing and enjoying one another, they both enjoyed their mornings and even talked and texted a number of times throughout the morning.

While in makeup, Jessica sat next to Chris’ mom. At one quiet point, Chris’ mom, without looking, reached out her hand to Jessica’s. They both held on to one another until it was time for Jessica to finish her hair in the adjacent room.

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A few weeks before the wedding, Jessica came into the studio for some bridal portraits. She wanted to put together a little black book for Chris, knowing he’d be floored when he saw it – and he sure was! In the front cover, Jessica wrote a personal note. In that note, she told Chris how much she loved him and how by him simply looking at her, he makes her feel beautiful – everyday.

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After hair and makeup, the girls grabbed their dresses and headed out to the Palm Event Center.  We opted to get dressed in the Estate Room among the wine barrels and it was beautiful! Jessica’s daughter took a moment and looked at her mother’s beautiful gown before the eight bridesmaids helped Jessica into her stunning Katie May.

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Chris and Jessica decided to do a first look prior to the ceremony.  This was a personal decision – they simply wanted a quiet moment between the two of them. To share the moment. Alone. Chris was nervous, as nervous as I’ve ever seen a groom. He was excited and couldn’t wait to see his bride-to-be.

When he saw her, he gasped and fell to one knee.  In that moment, he held her hand and looked up at her and said, “Will you marry me?!”

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Their ceremony took place outside in the garden.  With the blue sky above and the vineyard below, the setting was beautiful.  The isle was lined with peach rose petals and large floral arrangements flanked the arbor. The sound of the water fountain was serene while quiet music played. Although the first look had been done, Chris took to pacing back and forth on a nearby walk way.  Guests would occasionally stop to say hi and offer their congratulations, I even offered up a few hugs myself. He was so excited to get married and could not believe that she chose him. The day was finally here. The moment to say, “I do…”

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Chris and Jessica had quite the wedding party! 8 on each side, the girls were stunning and the boys were full of personality. I love big bridal parties! Sure they have their challenges, but they are so much fun to work with and offer an endless supply of laughs and sarcasm! The girls were is mismatching, floor length gowns and held elegant bouquets with roses, lambs ear, and long satin ribbons. I’ve always swooned over bouquets with long ribbons and I’m loving that the trend if finally taking off here in the bay area! It offers a unique dimension to any bouquet.

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One of the many things that the Palm Event Center does on point is the reception. Their service staff is impeccable – meeting the needs of not only the couple, but the guests and vendors as well. Large partitions separated the dining area from the cocktail hour and offered a big reveal when they were taken down. Five circular chandeliers glowed with lit candles above the tables. The head table was elegant and sat between two oversized farm tables that were adorned with small vases with beautiful roses, ranunculus and sprigs of green. The walls were flanked with wine barrels and had uplighting that only added to the romantic feel of the evening. Guests dined family style at tables with ivory linens and mahogany chiavari chairs. Centerpieces complimented the bud vases on the head tables and the brides bouquet.

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I love, love, love stealing the couple for 5 to 7 minutes during the reception for  few reasons. First, it offers them some peace. Their day has been so hectic and crazy, being pulled in every which way and although they’ve been together, they haven’t spent much time together. I took Chris and Jessica into the beautiful Estate Room…

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Thank you to all of the amazing vendors that made Chris and Jessica’s day magical: Venue, Palm Event Center in the Vineyard with Casey Hahn as event coordinator; Dress Designer, Katie May; Florist, The Petal Company; Cake, Cake Delight; DJ & Lighting, Fantasy Sound; Hair Stylist, Morgan Hayes; Makeup Artist, Jocelyn Birchall; Invitations, Invitations by Dawn

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  1. Tina Joiner says:

    These photos are absolutely stunning!! You are an amazing East Bay wedding photographer!

  2. Jaime says:

    You are such an amazing Palm event center photographer! These are gorgeous – great captures. If Brides are looking for an awesome East bay wedding photographer, you’re the bee’s knees!

  3. Gorgeous work!

  4. Christina says:

    This day could not have been more beautifully captured! Amazing Work Karey! Impossible to choose a favorite!!

  5. What an amazing job you did. I cried through the whole post. You captured some once in a lifetime moments. Everything about it was perfection and I know they are beyond pleased with you and your work.

  6. Monica says:

    Gorgeous Images! Love the images from the winery and LOVED how you captured this couples passion in the Cellar images! Beautiful couple!! You’re an amazing Palm event center photographer + easy bay wedding photographer <3

  7. Monica says:

    WOW! These are AMAZING wedding images!! Love the images from the Vineyards and LOVE how you captured their passion in the wine cellar images… gorgeous couple.

  8. beautiful!! Love the mint dresses!

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