Kerri & Adam // Wedding at Blackhawk Auto Museum

Kerri and Adam were married at  The Blackhawk Auto Museum in November.  This stunning museum, filled with classic automobiles, made a lovely backdrop for their elegant, vintage-inspired wedding. The ceremony was followed by cocktails and desserts at a reception that had a Great Gatsby feel.

The two were set up by Kerri’s relatives, who happened to know Adam as Mr. Knapp, a well-loved junior high school teacher. After dating long distance for about a year, they got engaged on a rainy evening at the Golden Gate Bridge.

After months of planning, their big day finally arrived. Kerri and her bridesmaids got ready at the couples’ house in San Ramon. Kerri gave each bridesmaid a gift to show her appreciation for their support both on this day and in the years past. Meanwhile, at a friend’s house nearby, the men tied their ties and brushed off their suit jackets, ready for the big celebration.

When both parties arrived at the Blackhawk Auto Museum, the gorgeous bride walked up behind Adam for the first look photos. Her beaded gown was inspired by the 1920’s, and her golden hair was pinned up on one side. It was hard for Adam to hide his excitement as he waited for his bride-to-be. When she tapped him on the shoulder and he turned around, huge smiles filled both of their faces. In a few hours, they would be husband and wife!

The ceremony began at 7:30 PM. A second-floor terrace formed the aisle that the five bridesmaids and groomsmen walked down. The ladies wore black dresses in different styles, trimmed with fringe or lace.  Kerri and her father walked down the aisle, past the smiling faces of their guests who sipped on wine and cocktails. The bride’s birdcage veil swept over one eye, and she held a big bouquet of calla lilies, her late fathers favorite flower. The aisle ended at the edge of the terrace, overlooking the museum below. As Kerri reached her groom, she looked around at all of her guests to take in the beautiful moment. The couple shared some laughter as they said their vows, and then became husband and wife.

Below on the main level, the reception room was stunning. There were white lights hanging from the ceiling that reflected off of the black polished floor. Calla lilies sat on each table, and signs with vintage-inspired fonts guided the guests to their seats. Kerri and Adam were introduced, and happily entered the reception. They shared their first dance, which was a stunning scene with a pattern projected onto the shining dance floor, vintage cars in the background, and the beautiful couple so obviously in love.

Kerri and Adam sat at a sweetheart table in front of the classic cars and listened to loved ones and friends share memories and well-wishes. They thanked their guests in a sweet speech, and then cheerfully accepted their “Congratulations” throughout the night. The dance floor was a busy place, where guests showed off their moves with lots of laughter and flair.  Towards the end of the night, guests lined up on the steps outside the museum and held sparklers to light the couple’s way to a grand exit.




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