6 Things to Do Before Your Engagement Session

Welcome to the newest category of blogs here at Hazy Lane Studios: Wedding Planning Advice for couples! I am always wanting to improve the experience for my wedding couples, and thought it would be amazing to share things I have learned over the last ten years as one of the Tri-Valley’s premiere wedding photographers.

To kick off this new series, today I want to share some of my top tips for couples planning theirĀ engagement session!

6 Things to Do Before Your Engagement Session

1.) Get a Manicure

Your hands will thank you, and they’ll look amazing in photos with your engagement ring!

2.) Clean Your Engagement Ring

I will most likely be featuring your engagement ring in some shots, so make sure it’s nice, clean and shiny!

3.) Consider Getting Hair and Makeup Done

Not only does getting your hair and makeup done before your session give you a little bit of pampering, but it really helps with getting a polished look. If you combine your wedding trial with your beautician as the same day of your engagement session, that’s like killing two birds with one stone!

4.) Plan Your Outfits

This is where Pinterest is literally the best thing since sliced bread: you can get a ton of inspiration for your engagement session outfits online. You don’t want to match, but you’ll want to coordinate what the two of you are wearing so you’re not clashing with colors, patterns or level of dressiness.

5.) Pick Your Location (And Check on Permits!)

I’m obviously available to help you pick a location, but you should have fun with it. Did you guys go on your first date in downtown Danville? Or did you take a camping trip to Yosemite?

6.) Check for Traffic

This is a weird tip, but go with me on this one. Why should you check for traffic before your session? Because my work relies entirely on the light and if you’re late for your session, that means less time shooting together!

Engagement Session Bonus Tip?

In addition to the other 6 things to do before your engagement, I’ve got one more bonus tip for you:

Treat your engagement session like a date!

It’s all about mindset! Look forward to it, talk about it with excitement to your fiance, and afterward? Go out to dinner and celebrate! Enjoy every minute of the engagement and wedding process!

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