Eric + Monica [Married] Clos LaChance Winery // Bay Area Wedding Photographer

Eric and Monica are one of the most kind, considerate and loving people I have ever met. They’re soft, sweet and romantic. Well, romantic is an understatement. Prince Charming has nothing on Eric – not a single thing. It’s the tiny things that he does for her that melts your heart. Guys take note… He celebrates their anniversary, every month. When they go on vacation together, he picks up a postcard, writes a sweet love note on it and mails it to her. He simply adores her and isn’t afraid to show it. The way he looks at her and the way she looks at him gives me goose bumps – sweet, happy goose bumps. My radar is never wrong…

Their day was nothing less than perfectly romantic. A sweet little winery, nestled in the hills helped set the scene for the day. Orchids, roses and hydrangea – blush pink, a little bit of sparkle and lace. Endearing smiles, a few tears, and a kiss (or two)!

Drenched in love, tradition and romance, Eric and Monica’s wedding is one for the record books.
Hazy Lane Studios_0749
Hazy Lane Studios_0750
Hazy Lane Studios_0751
Hazy Lane Studios_0752
Hazy Lane Studios_0753

Hazy Lane Studios_0791
Hazy Lane Studios_0792

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Hazy Lane Studios_0756
Hazy Lane Studios_0757
Hazy Lane Studios_0758
Hazy Lane Studios_0759
Hazy Lane Studios_0760
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Hazy Lane Studios_0762
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Hazy Lane Studios_0764
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Hazy Lane Studios_0767

Hazy Lane Studios_0772
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Hazy Lane Studios_0774
Hazy Lane Studios_0776
Hazy Lane Studios_0777
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Hazy Lane Studios_0779
Hazy Lane Studios_0780
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Hazy Lane Studios_0782
Hazy Lane Studios_0783
Hazy Lane Studios_0784
Hazy Lane Studios_0785
Hazy Lane Studios_0786

Hazy Lane Studios_0793
Hazy Lane Studios_0794
Hazy Lane Studios_0795

Hazy Lane Studios_0796
Hazy Lane Studios_0797
Hazy Lane Studios_0798

Thank you to all of the amazing vendors that make this day perfect:

Venue, Clos LaChance Winery; Event Planner, Michele Swenson from Clos LaChance; Floral Designer, Bloomsters; Catering, Cellar Door; Cake Designer, Dolce Cakes; Rentals, La Travola Linen;  DJ, Nick, Sound in Motion; Bridal Salon, Elegant Lace; Dress Designer, Allure; Bridesmaid dresses, H&M; Hair and Make up, Carolyn Fisher from Pattys; Videographer, Couture Cinemas

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Louann - So beautiful:) I have a wedding here in April and can’t wait <3

Karly Loar - Wow. Absolutely gorgeous.

Ashley Durham - Beautifully shot, as usual! xoxox

Caitlin L - I LOVE this dress… and those umbrellas… amazing!!!

Dena - stunning! Gorgeous wedding and images!

Ashley - Absolutely stunning!!!

Laureen - That dress. Your images are ethereal.
I love them all!

Monica - Oh my goodness.. these are AMAZING! I lovelovelove her dress!!

Christy - Wow! That dress is amazing! What a gorgeous bride, and stunning wedding photos! He sounds pretty dreamy too ;)

Steph - OMG THAT DRESS! This whole wedding is beautiful <3

Abraham + Olivia [Married] Hacienda de las Flores, Moraga // East Bay Wedding Photographer

I simply adore these two. Not only did I meet these two in Disneyland for our pre-wedding meeting, but they created an amazing wedding that combined both their love, their culture, but their passion for each other as well.

Bright, hand painted maracas? Check! A churro bar with toppings? Check! Amazing and different florals? Check! An amazing, hidden, and romantic venue? Check! Two people madly in love? Heck yes!

This wedding was simply magical. From the moment you step on to the grounds of Hacienda de las Flores, it is breathtaking. Add in a stunning bride in a lace gown, bridesmaids in fitted navy lace dresses with mismatching bouquets, and groomsmen in grey suits with pocket watches – Now you have Abraham and Olivia’s wedding. This has to be hands down one of the most beautiful weddings the Hacienda has ever seen…

Hazy Lane Studios_0685
Hazy Lane Studios_0687
Hazy Lane Studios_0688
Hazy Lane Studios_0689
Hazy Lane Studios_0690
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Hazy Lane Studios_0694

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Hazy Lane Studios_0725

Hazy Lane Studios_0686

Hazy Lane Studios_0721

Hazy Lane Studios_0716
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Hazy Lane Studios_0720
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Hazy Lane Studios_0723
Hazy Lane Studios_0724
Hazy Lane Studios_0726
Hazy Lane Studios_0727
Hazy Lane Studios_0738

Thank you to all of the vendors who made this day possible: Wedding Coordinator, Victoria Dodd; Florist, Victoria Dodd; Catering, Elviaritas Mexican Bar and Grill; DJ, Mark Welch Entertainment; Bridal Store, The Dresser; Dress Designer, Essence of Australia; Bridesmaid Dresses, Adrianna Papell from Nordstrom; Hair and Makeup, Thirteen Salon; Videographer, Versus Productions.  

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What did Olivia and Abraham think of their HLS experience? Here you go… (from The Knot)

We are so happy Hazy Lane Studios photographed our wedding! She was a pleasure to work with and was always extremely helpful when we had questions leading up to the wedding. Her fun personality made her an ease to work with on the big day and we couldn’t be more pleased with the final results. The photos are absolutely gorgeous and perfectly captured our vision for the day. We also received the photos way before the contract required! 
Hazy Lane Studios was one of the best choices we made for our wedding and we are thrilled to have all of the special memories from our wedding beautifully captured.”

Thank you Olivia and Abraham for the awesome review! XoXo





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Kerrie Forrester - Love love love……these are Exquisite!

Caitlin L - EVERYTHING about this wedding and the photography is gorgeous. Holy smokes.

jenny corbett - what a stunning wedding! it’s all so beautiful!

Danielle - Oh wow! These are all so beautiful! The lighting is gorgeous :)

Carrie Beasley - beautiful!

Ashley Durham - So gorgeous, I love her bouquet!!

Monica - Absolutely gorgeous…as always <3

Christina Corneau - SO Gorgeous Karey! Those flowers were FAB!

Karly Loar - Oh my. These are gorgeous!! Your talent with weddings is amazing! Beautiful wedding, perfectly captured.

Kaycee - Beautiful work! Love her bouquet!

Severine - I adore those photographs! You can see how amazing their wedding was! Beautiful!

Maura - Wow, just wow! So amazing!

Laureen - Your work is stunning. I love the First Look series of images.
This is just lovely!

Jenna + Justin [Engaged] // Santa Cruz Wedding Photographer

It’s been a bit since I’ve been to Santa Cruz for fun – Jenna and Justin provided me the best excuse to take off down the 17 on a Saturday afternoon.


Hazy Lane Studios_0659
Hazy Lane Studios_0660
Hazy Lane Studios_0661
Hazy Lane Studios_0662
Hazy Lane Studios_0663
Hazy Lane Studios_0664
Hazy Lane Studios_0665
Hazy Lane Studios_0666
Hazy Lane Studios_0667
Hazy Lane Studios_0668
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Hazy Lane Studios_0670
Hazy Lane Studios_0671
Hazy Lane Studios_0672

Hazy Lane Studios_0684

Hazy Lane Studios_0673
Hazy Lane Studios_0674

Hazy Lane Studios_0677
Hazy Lane Studios_0678
Hazy Lane Studios_0679
Hazy Lane Studios_0680
Hazy Lane Studios_0681
Hazy Lane Studios_0682
Hazy Lane Studios_0683

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Kerrie Forrester - Just amazing!! I love the fair shots <3

Kelli Garvin - Beautiful location and beautiful photos!

tracy - so fantastic and so fun!!! what a fantastic engagement session, i’m jealous!!!

Jessica Svoboda - awe! SUPER adorable! LOVE this session. SOOOO many great shots. hard to pick a favorite but I do just LOVE the last two images. soooo great!

Carrie Beasley - oh my! These are gorgeous! I especially love the boardwalk one!!!!

Ashley Durham - So gorgeous!!

Susan Dixon - Sweet pics! I love the variety of locations. I can tell that y’all had an awesome time doing this session!

dena - You’re so creative! Love your shots!

Caitlin L - I LOVE this! Those beach shots are to die for. You really go the extra mile to get an amazing shoot.

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